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onion bhajee 2.50Add
kabuli saladchickpeas2.50Add
seafood saladprawn2.95Add
chicken tikkatender pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt & spices then boiled in tandoor3.50Add
fish tikkaboneless pieces of Indian sea fish marinated in garlic, ginger, spices & lime juice then deep fried3.95Add
lamb varwalsmall pieces of spicy lamb fried with onions, mustard seeds & fennel, dressed with lettuce3.50Add
tandooori chickenquarter of a spring chicken marinated in spicy yoghurt then broiled in tandoor2.95Add
tandoori grilled lamb chopthree pieces4.95Add
shish kebabminced lam mixed with spices and herbs then broiled in tandoor on askewer3.25Add
prawn masala puria sensational shrimp dish cooked in an exotic sauce made of onion, ginger, garlic & coconut then served on a puri3.50Add
king prawn puriking prawns fried with onions & spices then served on a puri7.95Add
crab puricrab meat cooked with spices & lime juice, served on a puri3.95Add
tandoori grilled salmonserved with hot, sweet & sour tomato sauce;4.95Add
meat samosa 2.50Add
aloo tikkypotato pastry made with lentils, onions, green chillies and coriander leaves served with tamarind sauce;2.50Add
Mushroom baharlarge breaded mushroom stuffed with spicy minced chicken;2.75Add
veg samosa 2.50Add
tandoori chickenhalf a spring chicken6.95Add
tandoori khazanamixed kebabs8.95Add
chicken tikka  6.95Add
chicken lazeezchicken and vegetable6.95Add
tandoori king prawn 17.95Add
mirchi chicken tikkachicken tikka fried with green pepper and onion6.95Add
chicken korma & sag ghost 9.95Add
bombay aloo & sag paneer (spinach & cheese) 5.95Add
chicken jalfrezi & lamb bhuna 9.95Add
chicken tikka masala & lamb pasanda 9.95Add
chicken rogon & meat dansak 9.95Add
chicken korma 6.50Add
prawn korma 6.50Add
king prawn korma 14.95Add
lamb korma 6.50Add
vegetable korma 4.95Add
prawn bhuna 6.95Add
king prawn bhuna 14.95Add
lamb bhuna 6.50Add
chicken bhuna 6.50Add
chicken tikka bhuna 6.95Add
keema bhunaminced lamb6.95Add
lamb korahi 6.50Add
chicken korahi 6.50Add
chicken tikka korahi 6.50Add
king prawn korahi 14.95Add
chicken rogon 6.50Add
chicken tikka rogon 6.95Add
king prawn rogon 14.95Add
lamb rogon 6.50Add
lamb dansak 6.50Add
chicken dansak 6.50Add
prawn dansak 6.50Add
king prawn dansak 14.95Add
vegetable dansak 4.95Add
chicken pathia 6.50Add
chicken tikka pathia 6.95Add
prawn pathia 6.50Add
king prawn pathia 14.95Add
lamb pathia 6.50Add
lamb madras 6.50Add
chicken madras 6.50Add
chicken tikka madras 6.95Add
prawn madras 6.95Add
king prawn madras 14.95Add
vegetable madras 4.95Add
chicken vindaloo 6.50Add
prawn vindaloo 6.50Add
king prawn vindaloo 14.95Add
vegetable vindaloo 4.50Add
lamb vindaloo 6.50Add
panjabi style lamb shankmarinated overnight with mixed spices, yoghurt, garlic, ginger, coriander, green chilli and lime juice. Cooked in slow fire. (medium hot)11.95Add
keralan fish currykingfish cooked with coconut milk in medium spices.9.95Add
chicken tikka masalatender pieces of chicken marinated overnight in spices, herbs & yoghurt, broiled in tandoor, then cooked in a mild creamy sauce.6.95Add
garlic chilli chickenfairly hot6.95Add
chicken bemisaltender pieces of chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt, broiled in tandoor, then cooked with green chilli in a hot sweet & sour sauce6.95Add
seabass mojadarlightly spiced seabass fillet grilled in tandoor. served with fondue of leeks and spicy potatoes.12.95Add
konju papassouth Indian style prawn curry cooked with mustard seeds, coconut and tamarind. Hot and sour.7.95Add
kingfish jalfrezifillet of fish pan-fried with onion, green pepper, green chilli in a fairly hot gravy. dressed with fresh ginger.10.95Add
lamb xacutivery popular Goan dish. Lamb cooked with roated aromatic fennel seeds, cloves, garlic, ginger and spices. (medium hot).7.95Add
beef chilli masalathin slices of beef, pan cooked with onion, green chilli and green pepper in a fairly hot masala sauce.7.95Add
aloo gobi (side)potato & cauliflower2.95Add
aloo gobi (main)potato & cauliflower4.95Add
mushroom (side) 2.95Add
mushroom (main) 4.95Add
mixed vegetables (side) 2.95Add
mixed vegetable (main) 4.95Add
broccoli (side) 2.95Add
broccoli (main) 4.95Add
courgettes (side) 2.95Add
courgettes (main) 4.95Add
chana (side)chickpeas2.95Add
chana (main)chickpeas4.95Add
aloo chana (side)potato and chickpeas2.95Add
aloo chana (main)potato and chickpeas 4.95Add
dal (side)lentils2.95Add
dal (main)lentils4.95Add
palok sag (side)spinach2.95Add
palok sag (main)spinach4.95Add
bhindi (side)okra2.95Add
bhindi (main)okra4.95Add
sag paneer (side)spinach & cheese2.95Add
sag paneer (main)spinach & cheese4.95Add
brinjal (side)aubergine2.95Add
brinjal (main)aubergine4.95Add
dom aloo (side)potato in gravy2.95Add
dom aloo (main)potato in gravy4.95Add
sag aloo (side)spinach & potato2.95Add
sag aloo (main)spinach & potato4.95Add
bombay aloo (side)potato2.95Add
bombay aloo (main)potato4.95Add
matter paneer (side)green peas & cheese2.95Add
matter paneer (main)green peas & cheese4.95Add
balti veg-spi-dal-chi (side)spinach, lentils & chickpeas2.95Add
balti veg-spi-dal-chi (main)spinach, lentils & chickpeas4.95Add
chicken biriani 7.95Add
chicken tikka biriani 7.95Add
prawn biriani 7.95Add
king prawn biriani 14.95Add
vegetable biriani 5.95Add
lamb biriani 7.95Add
boiled rice 2.20Add
pilau rice 2.45Add
mushroom rice 2.75Add
peas pilau 2.75Add
memsaheb special rice 2.95Add
vegetable rice 2.95Add
coconut rice 2.75Add
nan 2.20Add
garlic nan 2.35Add
keema nan 2.35Add
chicken tikka nan 2.35Add
peshwari nan 2.35Add
paratha 1.75Add
stuffed paratha 1.95Add
chapati 1.25Add
papadam 0.50Add
chutney 0.00Add

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